Geox at Zapatos Designer Shoes Knutsford

Nearly 25 years have passed since Mario Moretti Polegato, founder and President of Geox, conceived of the revolutionary solution of piercing the rubber soles of his shoes to allow his feet to breathe during a trip under the hot sun of Reno, Nevada. Why not create a product that maintains the flexibility and strength of rubber soles, whilst also providing excellent levels of transpiration and breathability?

On his return, Moretti Polegato developed his flash of intuition in the workshop of a small footwear company owned by his family and developed a new technology for rubber soles. He patented it immediately and created the first “breathing shoe”. The comfort and beneficial effects of this technology when applied to our products have become a real trademark, ensuring Geox customers have the ease and dynamism required to tackle any challenge and adventure with comfort, lightness and flexibility, enjoying an extraordinary sensation of well-being with each step. Geox products reflect contemporary tastes and trends, season after season. Products for those looking for something that is easy to wear and yet multifunctional; something designed for everyday use, from morning to evening, in and out of town. Products for those looking for lightness and naturalness, not only in casual wear but also in more refined formal wear